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Jenny Tschiesche is one of the UK’s leading nutrition experts and the successful founder.

She has developed a reputation for creating and presenting delicious and nutritious new recipes for audiences globally via TV, radio, in person through workshops and seminars but also working with brands to develop recipes that show their product off at its best.

Jenny provides specialist nutrition and dietary advice to a wide range of people including top athletes, sporting bodies, people dealing with illness and parents and their children.

Jenny nutritionist

“Just wanted to send you a quick message to say how much I loved your workshop. Found it very inspiring and motivating. Thank you for doing such an amazing and important job in the world.” Pampered Chef Consultant, 2015.

“Am becoming very addicted to your golden tahini flapjacks! Much better than anything I have tried from Deliciously Ella...thank you for the recipe.”
Social Media Follower.

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    Jenny can help you with a range of ailments, through dietary and lifestyle changes. She has a straight-talking approach to health which means you know exactly what is required and why... Read more

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  • “Jenny’s help was invaluable towards helping me to successfully deal with several health issues. I found her incredibly knowledgeable but also very easy to confide in. She really helped me to find that spark of inspiration and gave me the toolkit to achieve my goals. Thank you Jenny!”

    Mrs E, Nurse, Buckinghamshire.

  • “Jenny is very professional, which inspires confidence, yet is easy to talk to. Over the past few months, she has made connections between the various symptoms that have troubled me for several years. I am feeling less tired and more positive than I have done for a very long time. Thank you,

    Jenny. HW – retired teacher.

  • “Made your Pizza Chicken Nuggets for the family tonight - amazing! My 4 year old declared it to be ‘The best tea ever' and begged me to promise we could have it again. My 16 month old happily munched his way through them and the hubby enjoyed them too - winner all round, thank you!”

    Suzanne Panayiodou, Crumbs On The Carpet

  • “Thank you so much for your fabulous presentation this weekend. I LOVED it. My husband is diabetic and I have been home, filled a black bin bag with food and been shopping! Say no more!” Workshop Attendee, 2015.